Who is Waiting for You?

Who is waiting for you?This question struck me as I was speaking to another systems superstar earlier this week. We had a conversation around being able to say no, and what it means when you don’t.

We were talking about one of those situations when someone asks you if you will do something, perhaps they offer you work which you can do, but it isn’t really something you enjoy or want to be known for, or perhaps its outside your ‘mission’, yet you know you are quiet right now, or in need of pushing your income forward, what do you say? What do you base your decision on?

Sometimes we agree to do work based on our current situation, or influence, such as our funds, or lack of work, but our heart isn’t really in it. Essentially we are coming at it from where we are right now, at that moment, and not from where we want to be, what we want to be doing.

So, we end up giving into it, providing the ‘easy & unexciting’ to the detriment of the ‘desired & fulfilling’. We often find those jobs are the most difficult, because they aren’t totally aligned to our purpose and in essence actually delay us getting on with our ‘heart work’.

So my question is, if this is something that you do in your business, what are you missing out on whilst doing this work? Who is waiting for you to show up? How do you recognise whether the work is ‘easy & unexciting’ or ‘desired & fulfilling’? It’s an interesting observation, because as we know, setting goals is paramount to our success, yet in reality the journey towards those goals is possibly the most important aspect. It defines the who, what, how, where and when. Do we want to take the fast or slow route? Are we making space for the ‘desired & fulfilling’ work to come our way? Are we actively seeking the ‘desired & fulfilling’ or perhaps we have that goal, but part of our self sabotage is to continue with the ‘easy & unexciting’ work. Essentially, we are letting ourselves get in our own way.

“Buy yourself some time.  Interrupt the ‘yes’ cycle, using phrases like “I’ll get back to you,” then consider your options.” 
― Auliq Ice

Something to ponder perhaps? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!