The Customer Journey: 7 Steps to Creating a Virtuous Circle of Happy, Retained Clients.

This is an updated version of one of The Customer Journey system, and I figured it would be interesting to put it into a slide presentation to try out SlideShare. It’s not something I’ve used before, and within just a few hours of posting, I had 100 views!

The content is very relevant to all size of business, and so I felt I ought to share it with my blog readers too – do let me know what you think – I really do value your opinions!

 1. Raise Awareness of YourProduct

Raise Awareness through regular andconsistent use of Social Media to point people towards yourproduct or service. Remember: content + conversation is KING, resulting in more Likes, Comments & Shares

2. Initial ContactCustomer Journey

Prospect arrives at your website, page or blog post What is the first thing you want them to know? The Hook: What will entice them to stay, and read more? What will entice them to explore further? What will entice them to enter contact details?

Consider your headline, copy, imagery, and offer

Remember: Enable them to want to leave their details with you

3. Buying: From Respected Prospect to Valued Client

Gain trust of client through good quality content and offer relevant and desirable products which give great value. People ALWAYS buy on value. They buy on how your productmakes them FEEL, andthe VALUE they will get from it. Give clients a reason to purchase from YOU

4. Delivery Delight your clients

EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS. Deliver a good quality, highly memorable product or service Go the extra mile – this is your chance to shine!

5. After sales The next step.

Have a clear strategy for upsales Where does your client go next? Always aim to keep thecustomer coming back for more!

6. Feedback / Testimonial Listen to your clients

What do your clients really think of your product or service? How do you enable clients to keep you informed? Make it a regular part of your customer journey. Use it fortestimonials, product improvement, setting standards and customerservice. ALL Feedback is relevant

7. Keeping InTouch.  Keep them feeling special

Keep them informed and raise awareness of new products and services as they develop. Maintain contact. Stay memorable. Reward Loyalty. Keep them feeling valued…Love Your List.