powernapProcrastination. It’s such an awful word, in fact, the very word conjures up images of just wanting to go away and read something else!

I’ve been thinking about procrastination a lot, it seems to be quite a relevant topic amongst my peers, and like them, I’m incredibly curious to know what causes the lethargy towards certain tasks, towards getting our stuff done.

When I think of this word, I’m reminded about the incredibly funny video below which in my eyes sums up procrastination perfectly.


By the way, the temptation to put the title of this post up, and then nothing else was huge!

I wonder how many people would have got it, and how many would have ‘discreetly’ let me know? Because those people are out there, and bless them I love them for it – they’re the ones that spot your mistakes instantly and send you a brief message. I love that people do take the time to do that, because in all truthfulness, I wouldn’t always notice it myself, once I’ve hit the publish button, that’s me. Off to the next task!

So, back to procrastinating, well, talking about it anyway! I think for me, when I get to the point where it’s plainly clear I’m just not in the right frame of mind to look at something, I do two things: secondly, I get up and walk away and do something else. Most of my deadlines, no, hang on, all of my deadlines are self imposed by me. Therefore, it’s not such a big deal, because firstly, I’ve already built in time during my deadlines to cover eventualities – most of the time. I’m making a conscious effort not to work to deadlines anymore.

I often found I would think to myself ‘oh, it’s ok, I’ve got another few days to get that done’…and then stuff happens that stops you getting it done, and then there’s no time left! So now, I try and get stuff done straight away where possible – Eat that Frog as the saying goes. It’s a new habit of mine, but so far, its working wonders!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts… and especially if you have any top tips for getting over procrastination and just getting on with it…