Graphics & Video


Let your website tell and sell your story


Graphics & Images


Graphics tell, and sell, your business story, and inspire your visitors to take action. The majority of people are visual learners, and well designed and placed images quickly capture attention, are easily shared and bring your message to life.

At GLO, we create graphics and images for websites, (think infographics, diagrams, adverts and banners etc) and your marketing materials, (think business cards, flyers, banners etc). Each project is unique, and prices start from £45.



Video enables your audience to get a real feel of your business and personality which is easy to digest and creates connection. Easily shareable across social media, video also helps with search engine rankings and provides a personal touch to your site. Check out the video below for some very interesting stats on video marketing…

At GLO, we can edit and upload your videos, adding branding, graphics and links to keep your message at the forefront of your visitors minds. We also create short animated explanatory videos to help grab attention. Each project is unique, and prices start from our hourly rate of £45.


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